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The GDPR affects European and non-European productions and studios
Production companies are required to meet regulations by May 25, 2018

These resources are designed to help both your productions and Setkeeper meet the new requirements together

Definitions and goals

  • GDPR concerns personal data.
  • Allow the citizens to control their personal data
  • Create a uniform level of protection of the personal data in the UE.
  • Define a legal framework adapted to the numeric evolution.

Main provisions

  • GDPR confirms some previous rights and has created new ones.
  • Such as the right to erasure, the right to restrict the processing, enlargement of the situations of the security breaches, the right to compensation.


  • GDPR can lead to administrative or legal consequences.
  • Data subjects can claim damages.

Are you are affected by GDPR?

As a Production Manager, am I affected by GDPR?

  • Yes. As a Line Producer, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Casting Director, etc., you collect and are in control of data, so therefore you are bound by GDPR.
  • You need to carefully define how you collect and regulate your data.
  • You also need to have some defined key actions to comply with GDPR, such as having secured and encrypted systems in place, to protect the personal data you are managing.
  • You need to have both processes, policies and softwares in place such as for example, Setkeeper.
  • Also, keep in mind that an individual can be prosecuted for not complying to GDPR.

How can Setkeeper restrict data breaches?

  • Implementing a secured and encrypted production platform such as Setkeeper can be very helpful in preventing data breaches.
  • For example, our 2 factor authentication (2FA), PDF encryption, secured login vastly improve the secured handling and processing of personal data.
  • When looking at technological solutions, we encourage you to choose the right software and technology to protect your data, to ensure it meets the highest security standard available.
  • However, technology can only be as strong as your enforced privacy policies and processes: you therefore will be required to train and inform your crew about the need for strict GDPR compliance to regulate the distribution of personal data to align with your electronic web-based platforms.

5 Key Actions to Take Now

1. Data governance

Designate a Data Protection Officer

2. Create a data register

Record all data transactions carried out by your company

3. Respect the rights of the individuals

Ensure you respect all theirs rights

4. Security and information

Respect the security and confidentiality of personal data

5. Transparency of the processing

Institute process, politics and organizational measures