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Commercial Production Services

Get more deals: put your locations forward and impress your clients


All your locations organized and shared from one secure portal.


Get more clients cashing in a supercharged bidding process.


Save time to record and to share your beautiful HD photos, videos, maps and contacts.

"For a production service operating abroad and managing multiple projects, Setkeeper is the perfect solution!"

Frantz Richard - Line producer, Ali'N productions

Enjoy your prep!

Enjoy your prep! Location photos, showreels, maps - your clients will be thanking you!

Save your money

Save your money

Easily record, sort and share your locations. Use powerful tools to sort and share your picks with your producers and agencies.

Make the best impression on your clients: share your work on a beautiful custom web and mobile interface.

Photos and videos are automatically and rapidly compressed for fast, streamlined online and mobile viewing.

Showcase your work

Showcase your work

Share the right information at the right time: HD photos, videos, maps and contacts.

All of your preparation work is saved, so if ever you need a fallback solution, all the information, notes, contacts and details are there, instantly available for a quick turnaround.

Be in control

Be in control

Assemble beautiful presentations with HD photos, videos and maps.

Store, share, and review options in a split second from your computer and from your mobile device.