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Make the best out of your prep on all TV series and feature films


One secure portal for all your productions assets and team information.


Location Scouting, Casting, Props, Sets, Wardrobe: all your departments are structured and organized according to your production organization.


All your photos, videos, documents, contacts are uploaded into one secure location for your whole production crew to access.

"The type of online service that Setkeeper provides is the future of Production Management in an internet based digital age and as such is highly recommended."

Michael Treen - Line producer

"Setkeeper gives me a unique insight from the outside and greatly helps the director in keeping up to date with locations, casting and art department."

Ragnhild Skaale - Production coordinator, The Councilman - Rubicon TV, Endemol-Shine group

Enjoy your prep!

Mobile access, daily newsletter, design interface - your team will be thanking you!

Save your money

Save your money

Locations, casting, props, costumes, crew and documents: your prep is one click away! Find any and all relevant information from a single page.

Photos and videos are automatically and rapidly compressed for fast, streamlined, online and mobile viewing.

Automate completion and export location sheets, cast lists, crew information sheets, and unit lists.

Protect your work

Protect your work

Schedules, call sheets, budgets, script changes: automatically watermark, update and inform your teams with one click document sharing.

Each one of your team members’ profiles is organized within departments with corresponding rights to access. You decide if and what they can read, comment, and participate.

All of your preparation work is saved, so if ever you need a fallback solution, all the information, notes, contacts and details are there, instantly available for a quick turnaround.

Be in the know

Be in the know

Follow progress and selection process directly through approval levels: what’s changed and what's been selected, what’s been rejected and what’s been decided, when and by whom, day or night.

Setkeeper’s logs and comment functions means you instantly know what is happening anywhere in your project.

Store, share and review options in a split second, from your computer and from your mobile.